Giving a Helping Hand

איך אני יכול להחזיר אל יהוה כל הברכות שופע שלו אלי

How can I repay unto Yahweh all His bountiful blessings toward me?
Psalm 116:12

As with all congregations, temple dues cover only a percentage of the operating costs. In order to offer quality programs, we are dependant on the generous donations of our members. Gifts are often made to commemorate happy occasions, such as births, anniversaries, B’nai mitzvah, graduations, and weddings. In addition, many people donate to funds in order to remember a loved one who has passed away.

Our donation funds support a wide range of Temple activities and tzedakah projects. Listed is a description of funds currently available which support Temple Ruach Yisrael. A card of acknowledgment will be sent to the recipient acknowledging gifts in their names. The amount of the gift is kept confidential, and all donations of $10.00 or more are also acknowledged in the temple bulletin. Thank you for your donations!

For additional information about donating or setting up an endowment to Temple Ruach Yisrael, or for any problems using our secure online donation system, please contact the Main Office at 888-977-3534